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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

  • Q: Do You remodel Bathrooms & Kitchens ?. 
  • A: Yes. We can gut the entire room and start from scratch or just replace some pieces to make your room look beautiful. These renovations vary 
  • A:  widely in price depending on how luxurious you want to get.  
  • Q: Can you paint kitchen cabinets?
  • A: It depends. If they are wood  in good condition, absolutely and it is a much cheaper alternative plus with stain & glazing they look amaing!
  • Q: What type of Carpentry can I put in my entry foyer.
  • A: We can put Crown Moulding with a Chail Rail and Picture Frames going up the stairs which is a timeless and elegant design.
  • Q: Do you splackle before painting?
  • AAbsolutely, preparation is the major part of an exceptional finished product.
  • Q: I hate my decor!  Do I have any options besides plain painting? 
  • A: Yes. There are many different painting techniques or wallpaper if you prefer, We will show you some samples at our initial meeting. 
  • Q: Do you do exterior painting and staining?
  • A: Yes. We do a complete line of exterior painting & staining on siding, shakes or stucco.
  • Q: Can you paint something to look like stone or marble?
  • A: Yes. We can paint to look like marble, stone,granite, leather , as well as other finishes.
  • Q: Can you repair my deck?
  • A:Yes, we install, repair, power wash and stain decks.
  • Q: Is there a difference in hardwood floors?
  • A:There are many types of hardwood floors, solid wood, engineered wood flooring, as well as laminate floors. All of these floors come in different 
  • A: widths and color variations.


  • About Us

    • Q: Are you Licensed & Insured?
    • A: Yes. We are licensed by the State of NJ and fully insured with liability & workers compensation insurance.
    • Q: What areas do you cover?
    • A: We cover most of Northern & Central NJ.
    • Q: Do you charge for estimates?
    • A: No. We provide FREE Estimates.
    • Q: Do you give estimates on weekends/evenings?
    • A: Yes. Most estimates are done in the evening or weekends, unless it requires daylight.
    • Q: Are there any references I can contact about your work?
    • A: We can provide names of past clients for you to speak with, or we have written letters from clients.
    • Q: Can I see samples of your work? 
    • A: Yes, we will show you a portfolio of prior work.

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